Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Haunted Place: Rameshwar Vaibhav (One Day Picnic Spot)

Presently Rameshwar Vaibhav appeared haunted to me, however the road leading to Rameshwar Vaibhav was beautiful. I would say it is nice little picnic spot for mumbaites during the Rainy Season.
The Rameshwar Vaibhav Development Co. Pvt. Ltd had developed this 1,600 foot high hill as hill station.

How to reach there?

It is on the way to Pali (Ashtvinayak Temple)
Take the Mumbai-Pune expressway.
Then take the Khopoli Exit immediately after the Toll Naka.
Then take the road towards Pali.
Around 20 kms or so after taking the exit there is a right turn for Rameshwar Vaibhav. From here the road to Rameshwar Vaibhav is really beautiful during the Rainy Season.
There is a huge waterfall in 'Padsare' which is only a few kms from Rameshwar Vaibhav.

I also found the below excellent information on Rameshwar Vaibhav from Milind Gunaji's "Offbeat tracks in Maharastra"
The road leading up the hill is a pleasure to traverse during the rainy season and is of special delight to birwatchers who can spot Golden Aureoles, Paradise Flycatchers and Bulbuls flitting between trees. The forest abound with hares, foxes and wild boar. At the foot hill is Kawela Dam, which adds to the beautiful surroundings.
The Rameshwar temple is on the eastern side of the hill. From the path leading to the temple, the forts of Sudhagad and Sarasgad on the Sahyadri ranges can be easily spotted. To the west of the hill is a small village, a short climb from here takes you to Sunset Point. From this point, the Meers hill range near Pen appears to be very close. During the monsoon, a short climb down will take you to a marvellous waterfall.

Evening shot at Rameshwar Vaibhav

Evening shot at Rameshwar Vaibhav

Few kms away is a place called 'Padsare' which has a huge waterfall.




At Rameshwar Vaibhav (Bunglows to right are deserted)

Hotel Shangrila at Rameshwar Vaibhav. (There are a few occupants during the weekend)

All the remaining snaps are taken while on the way to Rameshwar Vaibhav.

River just as you take the right from the Pali Khopoli Road

Snap of the Year!!!


anindya911 said...

Why it is haunted?

Rahul Jagtap said...

The reason I called it as haunted is because at Rameshwar Vaibhav you will find many bunglows which are deserted. Very few persons can be seen in that locality. I will soon post some for snaps from this place.

anindya911 said...

Just visited Rameshwar Vaibhav yesterday and I agree with you. The place looks like a dream gone bad.


Pradnya said...

Pl help us to know how to reach there & for accomodation

Is it worth spot for picnin


Rahul Jagtap said...

I am not sure if this is a great place for family to hang out.
As you can see from the snaps it is more of a romantic place. It is also a great place for close friends looking to spend time by themselves. This place gives you a look of haunted place since there is no one around. Not many people know about this place.
Moreover you have to plan your picnic to this place only when it is raining or drizzling to see how beautiful it looks.
The only way i know of going to this place is by Car.
You can take the mumbai pune expressway. Pay a toll of Rs 84/- for khopoli. Just after the toll take the exit for khopoli. Take a right (almost like a U-Turn) and then when the road bifurcates take the road on the left to Pali (and not the one to Pen). You will see some hoardings (pretty old ones) for Rameshwar Vaibhav and hotel Shangrilla. Around 20+ kms from here there is a small right for rameshwar vaibhav (just over a river). Then there is 10kms of beautiful scenic road to Rameshwar vaibhav. Above you will find Hotel shangrilla, again this has a deserted look. You will find hundreds of bungalows which seem deserted (since most people owning the bungalows visit once in a blue moon).
There are rooms available in the hotel, but i have never stayed there. Just went in the morning, had a nice lunch and returned in the evening.
There is one more place as soon as you take the way towards Pali from Khopoli. This place is called Durshet and has a resort 'Nature Trails'. Bookings for this resort are done somewhere in Thane. They have cannoeing, rappling, river crossing like activties here and it is a picnic spot where people frequently visit unlike Rameshwar Vaibhav which no one is aware of.

ashwini said...

Can anybody provide Hotel Shangrilla - Rameshwar Vaibhav Contact details urgently?

Rahul Jagtap said...

Sorry. I do not have the contact details for the hotel shangrilla.
But if you do go there please get the contact details and publish it here. Thanks!

Kiran said...

I had visited Rameshwar Vaibhav somewhere in mid nineties. At that time the bunglows were under construction and available for sale. Some people purchased them just for the sake of investment and they might be visiting this place once in blue moon. But it is indeed a good place for nature lovers. Offcourse it will be more enjoyable if a group of 10-15 people visit and stay there overnight. Especiaaly in monsson and winter season the atomsphere around is wonderful. I think we should not call such a beautiful place as haunted place.

Rajendra said...

Dear Rahul
I own one of those haunted houses which I last visited in 2005. I could not find any human being there. It must be very scary at nights.

Rahul Jagtap said...

Hey Rajendra,

Great to hear that you have a house there!!!
I know it must be scary at night there but you must admit that it is one hell of a beautiful place in Rainy season.

Is your house habitable?

GANESH said...

CON 9146404056

mukhi said...

I have a bungalow there, I love the place. I stay there 2-3 days every month

mukhi said...

I am at Rameshwar since its inception. I stay in my bungalow every month for 2-3 days. There are few bungalow owners who stay there on weekends.

Many bungalows are abandoned as the project itself failed. It is a wonderful place. beautiful scenery. No pollution of any kind, no air pollution, no noise pollution, those who have bore well have very good water. Yes it is a very windy place and the wind sound is present if that bothers you then bad luck.

Some outsiders do visit the place, some even stay the night at the hotel( Hotel Shangrila) which is being redone. The scenery from the hotel is beautiful although the food may not be as good. All the rooms get full for the new years' night. Daru, Dance and Dining on the terrace of the hotel. No worries of driving back after having had one too many.

I simply love the place for its fantastic scenery and the weather.I go for my morning walk all the way upto the project's Helipad. the scenery from the Helipad is breathtaking. The Saibaba Mandir is also very beautiful.

Its worth a night's stay in the hotel. For booking call 02142246037/26. Driving to Rameshwar gets messy as the last 3 KM road is real bad and needs big time repairs. Don't get put off.

In a way I am happy that there are very very few visitors, if it pecomes popular it will get crowded like all othe hill stations.

It is far from being haunted unless one is scared of his own shadow. There is no body there just you and why should get scared of just you ?

Siddhesh Mahapadi said...

Hi Rajendra I wish to go there in
this mansoon, can you tell me whre is exactly the padsare waterfall?

Siddhesh Mahapadi said...

Hi Rahul
thnks for showing a nice place, now my groups are planning for this place

Rahul Jagtap said...

Hi Siddesh,

Your Welcome! But please let it rain a bit more. I like going there after atleast 1-2 month of rain.

Padasare should not be difficult to find.
Once you take a right from the Khopoli - Pali Road (There is an old sign on this road for Rameshar Vaibhav.. its immediately after a HP petrol pump) and go toward Rameshwar Vaibhav then keep asking some of the villagers for Padasare water falls since there is left turn on this road which you might miss. It is however way up and close to Rameshwar vaibhav so even if you miss it you can always come back.. (Thats what i did :) )

vivek said...

Travelled to this place after seeing such a great response from all but to our surprise it is not at all the place to be visited ever by anyone. We reached there at 8 AM and left by 9 AM. Not found interesting enough to stay there overnight. You will find few (10 odd) empty houses and that is all. You will not find any interesting place nearby. Even we checked with Hotel guy and the response was the same.You have so many places near to mumbai and Pune and will never recommend this to anyone. Unless you have nothing left in Maharastra to be visited go to this place. Rameshwar Vaibhav is the name of the Restaurant/ Hotel/ Lodge (Whatever you wish to call it) is the only place in here. Nothing Haunted as such.. Bogus place.... A BIG NO NO to all. Dont ever think of going there..... Rest is up to you :).....

Anonymous said...

Hello, I agree with what above comment is. The place sucks nothing to see or enjoy apart from trying to reach to the hotel with the hope of seeing some nature beauty!! And when u reach there u see some 1BHK bungalows which are empty that's it!!!. After reading the blog I was much excited to see the place but on the way and after reaching there I realized that I made a big mistake and spoiled a weekend :( in rainy season, could have gone some other place! I too will say NO for this place

KP said...

Its really not a place to visit i am just surprised what ppls are saying about very beautiful place...etc when i visited there during rainy season, i could not find much beauty. :( its not a worth place to visit.

Rahul Jagtap said...

I am sorry if my post misled you guys. I think I should be providing an explanation here.

- Did you guys see anything like the photos posted above? If not then I don't think your timing was right. Read my comments provided earlier "But please let it rain a bit more. I like going there after atleast 1-2 month of rain". Going here from end of July seems perfect.

- I am not sure what you are guys are expecting to see when you'll say nothing is there. This is exactly what my post is all about. It seems haunted. The only good thing about it is that the road To Rameshwar vaibahv is full of mist and beauty during the rainy season.
If you'r concept of picnic is lonavla/khandala then I am sure you guys are going to be disappointed.
For me it is a place where me and wife could spend some beautiful romantic time and also me and 3 friends of mine loved to drive and enjoy a day just doing nothing there.

Hope my clarifications would have helped clear any misconceptions about this place

Anonymous said...

Being a passioante biker, i always dream to visit some unexplored spots & rameshwar vaibhav is one such place. Me & my close buddies are planning a 3rd trip to this place (overnight). I have a contact there, who arranges for some good home made veg food & accomodation. We being carnivores, we arrange our barbeque stuffs, music systems & booze ourselves. I just love this place & sure will visit again & again.

Anonymous said...

Căn u plzzz...gv the contact nô. Of the concerned person.who u said makes the arrAngements?

Vishal said...

Well its an amazing place, just visited this place last weekend with my friends and I would highly recommend anybody to travel here. Landscape is awesome during rains and you have your own private waterfall beside the hotel. I would definitely visit this place again this year.


Atul said...

Interested in buying a bunglow there, anyone willing to sell or any link or agent kindly contact on

Muktikant said...

hi all. looks worth a visit once. since its raining continiously for last 2 weeks must be time for visit. can i take a bus. planning a picnic for my building. any body interested to rent a bunglw for a day?

blogger said...

this ur has the nos. I went there on ganeshchaturthi 2012.. amazing place 4091109 / 6283245 / 409 04 17 / 407 2680 / 628 64 45

Anonymous said...

Hottest place in Maharashtra
44 degree celsius in summer

Anonymous said...

Does anyone has mobile contact person for this place? We are planning to go and looking for accomodation

Anonymous said...

The property is under renovation, we went a month back and didnt get lunch there. Came down all the way to imagica to eat.

Amar Patil said...

This place has the best weather in monsoons... i was there a week back, there is a Hotel Shangrilla which is under renovation, but i got very yummy food there. the staff said that by the end of the month they will have 15 rooms renovated and ready with all modern stuff. But not they just had 10 room which where old school, but someone who loves nature. this is the most serene place you will find with best air quality.
Out of curiosity i enquired about bookings and found out a land line for the owners of the project, some Vaibhav Group - 022 26246678 / 26204729 and Email -

they said they have a office in andheri west and email would be a better choice to communicate..
hope they finish with renovations soon.. cant miss this weather

I have pictures will upload soon

parul nimbekar said...

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Huzefa Motiwala said...

Is this the same place which is now being marketed as 'Bombay 99' by Disha Direct? I am curious about this place and its potential as a investment.. More so as a holiday home..

monika singh said...

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exalt said...

any bungalow for sale

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dhanesh said...

is rameshwar vaibhav name of a hill station or some hotel at this spot?

dhanesh mane said...

First of all thanks for writing this blog. this is only source of information available on net for this place.

One suggestion is - please change title man, its not at all haunted place. I went there last saturday and I think its the best place to hangout. one thing I agree is its not full of crowed like lonavala and all but I think that's the best part of it.

every one just go there, its completely safe and not haunted :) and say thanks to this blog.

There is only one hotel at tadgaon on top i will share some more details about this place soon.

Akhilesh Prajapati said...
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Akhilesh Prajapati said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pankaj said...

If you are a peace lover you will surely love this place. Its very isolated place no one will ever bother you or stop you for anything. I am visiting this place since 2005 and yes i am enjoyed a lot as in this place is very good for relaxing. There is only one hotel in an around the area, rest are the bungalows. At night you will be speechless if you like to just stare at the sky as glowing stars and cold wind will make your trip worth it. Please note no amusement park & no gardens are there, so you good company (friends and relatives) will make your trip better.

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